Loving and caring each other is naturally a good thing, yet it is not quite easy to love someone_ either in a romantic way or an affectionate way. However, most people are not aware that loving too much can hurt someone emotionally.

I have met a lot of clients facing challenges and obstacles in their education, health, social relationships and development because of inordinate love. As the Burmese saying goes, “Goodwill can lead to suffering”, when the person who gives love cannot be blamed but the person who receives love can no longer resist, there comes the beginning of emotional sufferings on both sides.

Growing up differently, people tend to choose different lifestyles. Loving and caring a person who longs for attention does not matter but it might be suffocating for a person who loves to be independent.

For example, a person who is loved too much might be scared of loving someone and shut out or pull away from anyone who she/he thinks is trying to cross the attachment line.

Here, you might want to ask, “Is there anyone else who doesn’t want to be loved or cared?”. The answer is “no, there isn’t”. But it is hard to tell whether love is a wrongdoing or not. As “a string too tight can break and a string too lose produces no sound”, it is the best to observe the other person’s attitude and give what she/he needs when it is needed the most. Understanding is not something that can be forced without a tiny bit of love.

So what about your love? Is it supportive or suffocating?