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Reach Out Myanmar work closely with organizations and businesses for the purpose of promoting workplace psychosocial wellbeing and productivity. We contribute advice and assistance in raising awareness, addressing and dealing with various mental health related issues in workplace.

Professional Experience

Wellbeing at Workplace Program

It is a work-based program designed to enhance the psychological, emotional and mental well-being of employees in order to have a productive and satisfied workforce.
An employee may seek help on a voluntary basis, or may be referred by a supervisor who suspects that declining job performance is being caused by personal problems or when assistance of a psychologist is needed after a critical incident. Reach Out Myanmar team is able to provide the contract-based psychological services including individual and group process for the employees.

Services covered under the program

  • Assessments
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling/ Support group
  • Mental health related Training, Workshop and Talk
  • Feedback and consultation for managers and supervisors



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