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Reach Out Myanmar is an organization that provides psychological and consultancy services especially for population of Myanmar with affordable and accessible fees and mode. We are a team of mental health professionals who are keen to help promoting the psychological wellbeing of Myanmar people.


To promote and contribute for the holistic well-being of Myanmar nationals through our quality mental health services with affordable and accessible fees and modes


To provide quality mental health services with our competent, culturally aware and ethical mental health professionals

To advocate and raise awareness to society about importance of mental health, as an individual organization as well as in the collective efforts of mental health related organizations

To assist in the strengthening and enhancement of existing mental health activities and educational development in Myanmar through skills trainings/workshops, mentoring and coaching

To involve in mental health development advocacy activities in Myanmar towards government agencies such as Ministry of Health and Sports, and Universities


  • Respect for the uniqueness and cultural differences of each individual
  • Efficient and effective in the quality of our services
  • Commitment to follow ethical standards of mental health professional
  • Attitude of caring expressed by the entire organization
  • Teamwork and collaboration both internally and externally
  • Service to the society, the community and external agencies